'Ashes To Ashes' Music Video (edited by the Webmaster), made in late 2006 in the run-up to the England’s ill-fated defence of The Ashes.

Another Ashes music video, strangely enough using the full version of the song I used for mine - 'Fix You' by Coldplay. Now, you might possibly suspect that I would be hopping mad that someone used the same idea as me, and not only that, used some of the same clips in some of the same places! However, I'll spare you the expletives, seeing as this video is actually extremely good...

A masterful performance from The Duckworth Lewis Method (Neil Hannon and Tommy Welsh) performing a song about a moment which shaped  Ashes cricket for over a decade (not to mention a widely-held English sentiment - I’m referring to the final line of the song).

And don’t worry, that’s Welsh playing the guitar, not Brian Blessed.

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Anyone who’s seen me skulking by the pavilion pointing a video camera at unsuspecting players may wonder where on Earth all that video ends up.  Well, the idea is to make a video along similar lines to this one one for each season - this was my first attempt at such a film and covers the 2010 season.  My excuse for including the World T20 Final and the English T20 Finals day is that the video is meant to be highlights from the  season, and by that I don’t mean just from Aldermastons season.